Testing Center:

In 2003, Longda established the first transfer printing laboratory center in China, which became the first enterprise testing center with AATCC qualification in the transfer printing industry in 2008. After years of development, it now has become an Environment-friendly Heat Transfer Printing Engineering Technology Center in Jiangsu Province. The Engineering Center has a dye test base, training center, R&D center and information center, and conducts scientific research through independent research and development, and through cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes. The Engineering Technology Center also became an enterprise postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu Province.

At present, it has 2,000 square meters of scientific research and testing premises, including 300 square meters of testing laboratory, and 11 professional testing personnel. The Testing Center has Q-PANE, XE-1-B light fastness tester, Haier electric engraving machine, X-rite7000A color measurement and matching system and other testing and analysis instruments.

Capabilities of Testing Center

1、Research and development of light fastness for transfer printing. At present, the Center has mastered the transfer printing process with light fastness exceeding 200H4 Level (AATCC-16)

2、Analysis of the characteristics of disperse dyes for Nylon 66 fabrics. Currently, a set of transfer printing processes used on Nylon 66 fabrics have been developed;

3、Research and development of standard color card for transfer printing

4、Test items

Dye Composition Analysis                                   Fabric Composition Analysis

Dye fineness, diffusivity and penetrability         Tensile Strength

Light Fastness (AATCC, ISO, GB)                          Tear Strength

Washing (AATCC, ISO, GB)                                   Stitch Sipping

Perspiration (AATCC, ISO, GB)                             Grease Content

Friction (AATCC, ISO, GB)                                     PH Value

Sublimation Fastness                                           Fabric Surface Residue and Treatment 

Rinsing Fastness

Color Fastness to Bleeding (JIS)

Analysis of Printing Paper

Tear strength, degree of sizing, smoothness, quantification, uniformity, PH value